Movie night!

Home sweet home! 😉 I am happy to go to sleep in my own bed tonight! But the dogs were kind to me. Only once last time around midnight did they scare the hell out of me… I was sleeping, pretty deeply I think, when all of a sudden they started barking like mad and I almost literally jump out of bed!I guess they heard a sound outside or something. But they pretty quickly calmed down, and I could go back to sleep.

I woke up at 6 am both mornings and took the dogs out for a walk at that time… Well, at least I woke up properly after that! It was a little cold this morning, but during the day it was something like +7 C or +8 C, and pretty sunny too. 🙂

Going back to the dogs tomorrow, but not for a sleepover, just for a visit. My bro invited us today, but mum and Kari went to some concert tonight, so we are going tomorrow instead. I guess he wants to celebrate his birthday that was yesterday, and show pictures from the zoo they went to. Today he and his wife has been married three years. At the same time it’s three years since the christening of Alec, since they did both at the same time in their restaurant. 

Just rented two Swedish movies! 😀 Going to watch one tonight and one tomorrow morning. Then I will return both tomorrow afternoon. And as the “icing on the cake”, Ben & Jerry’s Cookie dough ice cream!! 😀

But, I just realized that they are showing “Kadonneen jäljillä” (the TV-show where they are looking for lost relatives) at 8 pm, I think, so I will look at the first movie after 9 pm.

Tonight I decided that I am going to the capital Helsinki this summer. I have been thinking back and forth, should I, should I not… But yes, I am going. Don’t know when. In July I guess. I even checked the train timetable for July. I can go early in the morning and be back home in the evening. I want to go to the zoo and do some sightseeing.


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