I am going to my brother’s house tonight to look after the dogs. Two nights I have to sleep there. (Monday-Tuesday and Tuesday-Wednesday.) I guess I will have to spend as much time as possible there, because I don’t want to go back and forth so many times during the day. They live outside of town.

But I don’t think I have to go until may around 7 pm tonight. They are both at work today and will go in the afternoon. They are going to a zoo a couple of hours outside of town but they will stay at a hotel two nights. Tomorrow I do have to come home during the day to watch a TV show that I won’t be able to watch tonight. The re-run is tomorrow during the day so I can watch it then. I am also going to write a letter tonight, so I have to post it tomorrow. Plus, I want to spend some time with my cat too! 😉

Ferrari’s car is no good this year. 😦 Why do Mercedes have to be in a league of its own this year. It’s like not even close… I do want Nico Rosberg to be world champion one day. But I don’t want to see Mercedes win every single race of the season. Maybe this was a wake up call for Ferrari. Montezemolo watched part of the race in Bahrain but left before the checkered flag because he was too embarrased about how slow the Ferrari engine is… Hope they can find some answers during the following two weeks before they go to the next GP.

I’m at the library now. Will soon go to a supermarket and decide what I am going to eat the next couple of days. But I don’t have to take so much with me, foodwise, because I can eat at home.

It’s sunny today, but the sun doesn’t really have the energy to warm the air. It’s pretty cold even if the sun is shining.


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