Cold and snowy

Cold and snowy

I really didn’t think I would need my winter coat in April. But apparently I did… It’s +0 C at the moment. Last night there came some heavy snow (which is almost completely melted now), but it feels really cold outside. Definitely more like winter than spring. The sun is shining a little bit, but no warmth comes from the sun. 😦

Niki looked so cute yesterday when he was sleeping on my couch. 😀

This morning I finished reading James Bowen’s “The world according to Bob”. 🙂 Very cute story! You should read it if you haven’t already read it. The first book “A street cat named Bob” is available in around 30 different languages. I am sure they will translate the second book into just as many languages too.

I read 11 books in March. Theodore Boone, a crime story, two books with crime novellas (short stories), and some books with 150-160 pages. A couple of books for young people too.

So I have one book read in April now. Reading the third TB book at the moment. Also have borrowed some crime stories from the library, so I will start reading those in April too.

A bit annoying with all the April’s fool jokes on the Internet and in newspapers. Luckily it’s only one day of the year…

I went to buy a new table cloth for the kitchen table today. As usual we have table cloths made of wax, because they are so simple to wipe clean. The one I chose is beige and have some different kinds of flowers and unreadable text on it.

The old table cloth mum will put on the balcony table later, when it’s warm enough to sit on the balcony.

Got some yarn in the mail today! 😀 Also got a crochet hook and instructions on how to crochet a large elk! 🙂 So I have started with the head already. But it’s a bit tricky with the very thick yarn. Will post a photo whenever it is ready.


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