Summer time on the clock

So, last night we changed the clocks to summer time… From 10 pm to 11 pm. (Officially it is from 3 am to 4 am that the change is made, but obviously we don’t wake up at 3 am just to change the clocks.) 

Now I am confused! 😦 The Finnish F1 website claims the GP will start at 10 am, while other sites claims it is 11 am! Either the Finnish F1 website has got it wrong (which is a bit unusual, as they are pretty reliable) or the other site has got it wrong. I guess I’ll just have to turn on the TV at shortly before 10 and see if they are showing something… They usually have at least one hour “pre talk” before the GPs. 

I need to change the clock on the TV first though. And the clock in the kitchen.

Confusing time changing! Apparently there was no need to change the time some years ago. Don’t remember when the whole summer/winter time thing started.



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