Theater night

Watched a play at the Finnish theater tonight. 🙂 I didn’t really know what the play was about before going there. I just knew that it received good reviews in the the media. It really was good! Funny at times, sad at times. Only five actors/actresses were in the play. The play was based on a book. So I’ll see if I can find the book in the library. But if the library has the book it will probably been very popular. It usually is, just because the book has been made into a play.

As I went home with the bicycle after 9 pm, it felt really cold! 😦 I was shivering. I would have needed the winter coat, leggings inside the jeans, warm woolen mittens… It was + 0,9 C when I came home and checked the temperature in the kitchen. But it felt much colder than that.

I woke up at a little before 4 am this morning and watched the first (and later the second) free practice sessions. The F1 drivers are in Malaysia this weekend. It will probably be the hottest race of the season. Nice to see Kimi in second place, both during the first and the second practice session. 

Tomorrow the practice session will start at 7 am, so I get to sleep a little longer. I hope Kimi’s good speed continues tomorrow and that he doesn’t make any mistakes during the qualifying that will start at 10 am. 

Now I am very tired. It’s shortly after 11 pm. I’ll go to bed now and have the alarm clock ring before 7 am.


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