Different socks today

Different socks today

Today is the International Down’s Syndrome Day. It’s a day when you should have different socks on your feet. 🙂

So, if you don’t have different socks on today, why don’t you go and change one sock now?

Mum and all of her kids that she looks after during the days have different socks too. As does mum’s colleagues and all their kids too. And lots of other people in the world. 😉

I might need to change the socks when I get home so that I have a white sock on my right foot and a blue sock on my left foot. Because it’s + 6 C, the wind is strong, the snow is melting. It’s very wet and yucky on the streets. Icy too, I am sure.

But I still need to go get that theater ticket for next week. So I will walk. I don’t want to take the bicycle today.

EDIT: If you are wondering why my feet look so small… I have 21 cm from the heel to the toes. Children’s size on the socks. 33-35.


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