Formula one

Three hours of Formula one already behind, and it is only 9.35 am! 🙂 I woke up at 3.15 am and then I slept a little between the two practice sessions.

Ferrari did okay, Alonso was even fastest after the first session. Kimi was okay, but he had some minor issues and didn’t really like the front of the car. Hope they figure something out for tomorrow. 

Unfortunately now I need to take my bicycle for some service. 😦 Punctured back tyre… I hate punctured tyres! Stupid glass that’s on the streets! I don’t see the broken glass bottles that are lying around. 😦 I could find funnier things to do with the money than to fix those punctures! Thank God I don’t have to go to Turku anymore. At least I don’t need to get any more bus tickets for those trips…

I’m in a bad, bad mood now over the bicycle… 

*Sigh* I guess I’d better get dressed then and go for a little walk to the bike service shop.


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