Still not well

I am still not well. Have a bit of pain here and there. The throat has started bothering me and I am coughing more than in the morning. Not too bad though. The running nose is better, even if I still sneeze a bit and have to blow my nose occasionally. The fever had went down a bit when I last checked in the afternoon. But I think I will warm some water and drink some more flu powder before going to bed. Warm drink might be good for whatever is irritating my throat.

Nothing much else. I have obviously been tired today. Took a nap in the evening. It’s soon 11 pm so I need to sleep. 

Waiting and counting down the day to the Formula 1 season! 😀 I heard some horrible scenario that not a single car might make it to the checkered flag. I don’t believe that. But I’m pretty sure at least five cars will give up because of technical errors. We’ll see! 🙂

The cat is crazy at the moment. Running around like a maniac… Hope he calms down soon and doesn’t wake me up three times during the night. 

Strong winds at the moment, but at least the windows aren’t moving at the moment.


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