Nice to be home again!

Nice to be home after a long day, with a total of 12 hours in the bus. School today wasn’t the most interesting thing… But at least we got mud cake with whipped cream in the afternoon! 😀 For several of us it was the last trip to Turku. Nice!

Niki had visitors two times during the day. Earlier in the afternoon and later at night. The second time my sister’s family had come, Niki had been pretty grumpy, not in the best mood, meowing angrily. But they gave him a cat sausage and then he was fine again. They left a couple of lamps on when they left, so he wouldn’t have to be in complete darkness.

As I got home at 11.10 pm he just meowed a little and was more interesting in getting new food. 😉 The food that had been in the bowl during the day he didn’t like. So I guess he was hungry. Now he’s sleeping on the couch. 

In the evening they actually put up/moved/removed some lamps in the ceiling. 🙂 My lamp they removed and put a new one. In the living room they moved one lamp to another part of the room and put up a new one where the old lamp had been. So it was interesting to come home and find some new lamps in the ceiling! 🙂 I had not seen my new lamp before.

Haven’t read the newspaper today. But I will save it for tomorrow and read two newspapers in the morning when I wake up! 😀

It’s almost mid night, but I am not particularly sleepy. I was tired in the bus, and slept a bit too, but not anymore. I guess the cycling from the bus station woke me up. 🙂

But I’ll try to go to bed soon. After all, I woke up 1 am last night and have only been sleeping lightly in the bus now and again during the ride to Turku and on the ride home again.


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