Summer time on the clock

So, last night we changed the clocks to summer time… From 10 pm to 11 pm. (Officially it is from 3 am to 4 am that the change is made, but obviously we don’t wake up at 3 am just to change the clocks.) 

Now I am confused! 😦 The Finnish F1 website claims the GP will start at 10 am, while other sites claims it is 11 am! Either the Finnish F1 website has got it wrong (which is a bit unusual, as they are pretty reliable) or the other site has got it wrong. I guess I’ll just have to turn on the TV at shortly before 10 and see if they are showing something… They usually have at least one hour “pre talk” before the GPs. 

I need to change the clock on the TV first though. And the clock in the kitchen.

Confusing time changing! Apparently there was no need to change the time some years ago. Don’t remember when the whole summer/winter time thing started.


Sauna time

I went to the sauna this afternoon. It was a little too warm, but nice too.

So unfortunate that it started raining before the qualifying. 😦 P6 for Kimi tomorrow. I suppose there will be rain at some point tomorrow too. Kimi is never good when the rain is pouring down… 

Earth Hour in about an hour, at 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. We will of course turn off the lights then. 

Going to read a bit now.

Theater night

Watched a play at the Finnish theater tonight. 🙂 I didn’t really know what the play was about before going there. I just knew that it received good reviews in the the media. It really was good! Funny at times, sad at times. Only five actors/actresses were in the play. The play was based on a book. So I’ll see if I can find the book in the library. But if the library has the book it will probably been very popular. It usually is, just because the book has been made into a play.

As I went home with the bicycle after 9 pm, it felt really cold! 😦 I was shivering. I would have needed the winter coat, leggings inside the jeans, warm woolen mittens… It was + 0,9 C when I came home and checked the temperature in the kitchen. But it felt much colder than that.

I woke up at a little before 4 am this morning and watched the first (and later the second) free practice sessions. The F1 drivers are in Malaysia this weekend. It will probably be the hottest race of the season. Nice to see Kimi in second place, both during the first and the second practice session. 

Tomorrow the practice session will start at 7 am, so I get to sleep a little longer. I hope Kimi’s good speed continues tomorrow and that he doesn’t make any mistakes during the qualifying that will start at 10 am. 

Now I am very tired. It’s shortly after 11 pm. I’ll go to bed now and have the alarm clock ring before 7 am.

Pretty warm today

Pretty warm today

Sometimes the cat acts more like a young cat than the old one he is. 😉 I don’t know what he was doing with the towel that he likes to sleep on. He was attacking it and tried to crawl under it or inside it. Crazy cat!

It’s pretty warm today and once again all snow is gone. I really hope there won’t be any more snowy days this spring. Now it should stay like this so it can become summer.

I need to read three more books before the month is over… May be I can do it. Still a few more days. But I have to read thin books. I don’t have time to read three thick books. Today I finished reading John Grisham’s “Theodore Boone: The Abduction”. It was very good. I have all the other T.B. books too, but have read only the first, and now the second. Two more T.B. books to read. I am sure I will be able to finish another T.B. book before the month is over.

But now I have to take a shower, before I start reading again. Tonight I am going to watch a TV show called “Kadonneen jäljillä”, a Finnish TV series where they are looking for people that are missing. Usually it is a person looking for his/her biological mother or father or other siblings. Always interesting to see when they are traveling the world looking for people. Usually emotional too in the end if they find a mum or dad that they haven’t seen in 30 years or more.

Happy Birthday Niki!!

Happy Birthday Niki!!

Time flies fast… Today I want to wish my cat Niki a Happy Birthday! 😀 He is 14 years old now!

He loves sitting and lying on the chest of drawers behind the sofa. But after Easter that chest of drawers are going to Sweden. So Niki will then lose one of his favorite spots… We are only temporarily storing the chest of drawers.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Niki! I love you!

Different socks today

Different socks today

Today is the International Down’s Syndrome Day. It’s a day when you should have different socks on your feet. 🙂

So, if you don’t have different socks on today, why don’t you go and change one sock now?

Mum and all of her kids that she looks after during the days have different socks too. As does mum’s colleagues and all their kids too. And lots of other people in the world. 😉

I might need to change the socks when I get home so that I have a white sock on my right foot and a blue sock on my left foot. Because it’s + 6 C, the wind is strong, the snow is melting. It’s very wet and yucky on the streets. Icy too, I am sure.

But I still need to go get that theater ticket for next week. So I will walk. I don’t want to take the bicycle today.

EDIT: If you are wondering why my feet look so small… I have 21 cm from the heel to the toes. Children’s size on the socks. 33-35.

Jigsaw puzzle of Niki

Jigsaw puzzle of Niki

Got my jigsaw puzzle of Niki in the mail today! 😀 It was so cute! 🙂 The yellow part with the paw prints where a bit tricky, but over all an easy jigsaw puzzle. Doesn’t take that many minutes to fit all 196 pieces together. It came in a cardboard box, so I can store the pieces there and make the puzzle over and over again. 🙂

Don’t know how old he is in the bigger picture, but it was taken at the old apartment, so he is at least a few years younger. I think the smaller picture where he is on the couch is from this year or last year.

It’s been snowy and windy today, like a snow storm. Not very fun to be outside in this weather. It’s not more than -4 C but the wind makes it feel much colder than that. Just went across the street to the grocery store. That was enough for me.

Hope the weather will be better tomorrow, because then I am planning on getting a ticket to a theater play for next week.