Going to Turku

I think I will have to go to bed in a couple of hours, around 8 pm. I need some sleep before the alarm clock wakes me up at 1 am… The bus to Turku leaves at 2.30 am. 😦 I shall be in Turku around 8.30 am. School starts 9.30. At 5.10 pm I will be on the bus again, going the other direction. The bus will come to Vasa 11 pm and I will be home shortly after, may be 11.20 pm. 

But before I get to sleep, I need to shower, vacuum clean the house (or most of it), wash the dishes, pack the bag… Last week I booked the sauna for 5 pm. But I cancelled that. That’s why I am taking a shower instead.

Oh, I almost forgot… I have to sew the jeans too! 😦 May be I won’t be in bed at 8 pm after all. So much to do.

It’s the last time we have to go to Turku and the teacher promised us cake in the afternoon! 😀 

The cat will get some company tomorrow. My sister will come and some of the kids. They will be here a while after they have visited grand mum.

I have not a clue what kind of weather Turku will have tomorrow. I hope it’s not going to rain. I don’t want to drag an umbrella or a rain coat with me too. Must check the Internet and see what kind of temperatures there’s going to be.

Better log out and start doing something a bit more useful. 😉


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