Princess Leonore

Ok, so now Princess Madeleine’s and Chris O’Neill’s baby has gotten her name revealed. Her Royal Highness, Princess Leonore Lilian Maria, duchess of the island Gotland. Cute! 🙂 They also published the first two pictures of her; pictures taken by Chris and Madeleine themselves! They are both talented photographers. The pictures were cute.

I really liked watching “Kill your darlings.”. It was a great movie! 😀 I am going to watch it many times more in the future. 🙂

Today I ordered the TV-channels that I need in order to see the Formula 1 season! I’ll see them from March 1st (to November 30th). 

Tomorrow the final pre-season testing will start. They will test in Bahrain again. Kimi Räikkönen is driving Thursday and Saturday, while Alonso drives Friday and Sunday. 

I am going to boil a couple of eggs now and then spend the rest of the evening reading a book. 🙂


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