It’s so frustrating paying bills on the computer, when the website takes ages to update. Now I tried paying a bill twice, but never got any confirmation. It only said technical error. So I don’t know if I paid the bill twice, once or not at all… I guess I will have to try and see later if I can find something. Otherwise I have to go to the bank and ask them.

The strong winds lasted at least two nights! Finally it’s a bit calmer. All snow is gone, the grass is green. + 5 C at the moment. 

I am going back to the dog in the afternoon, may be around 4 pm, give him food, go out with him. I guess Ill spend the rest of the evening there then. 

I should go do some errands, but I don’t feel like going to the town. There have been so much cycling these days in the storm. I can go the the grocery store down the street.


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