Very stormy

Geez, it was pretty scary being alone with the dog. I almost thought the roof would blow off the house… 😦 Then I come home and now I am worried that the window in the living room will come in. Well, it probably won’t. But it’s not fun hearing those noises and see how the window is moving back and forth.

Got home around 10 pm. I guess I’ll have to go back to the dog around 7 am or 7.30 am. I watched the closing ceremony for the Olympics. It was pretty good. The poor mascot bear shed a tear when he blew out the fire. 😦 I didn’t know that the next winter Olympics will be held in South Korea. 

I’m pretty cold at the moment. I’ll change clothes and watch something on YouTube before I go to bed. 

It’s princess Estelle’s (of Sweden) 2nd birthday today! 😀 Apparently she is in Norway with her parents. 🙂 They showed a picture today where she blows out two candles on a birthday cake, but the pictures had been taken earlier in the week. How fun that it is only a few days between the cousins’ birthdays. Princess Madeleine’s baby was born February 20th and Estelle February 23rd. 🙂 The two cousins will for sure have very different lives, just because Estelle is the heir to the throne. Madeleine’s baby will have a much more “normal” life.


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