Busy days

I’m a bit stressed about the coming days. Mum is in Sweden and my sister’s family went this morning to the east of Finland (I think), to some ski resort or something. They are coming home on Wednesday evening. So I have to go back and forth between my home and my sister’s house the next days to look after the dog, Albin, and my cat, Niki. 😦

It’s sunny, but the winds are strong at the moment, it feels cold, it’s muddy, wet, icy all at the same time. Slushy, dirty snow on the shadowy parts. I know that, because I just took the bicycle to the nearby supermarket to get a “ton” of kitty litter… Ok, it’s 8 liters, but it feels like it weighs several kilos.

The dog will have to sleep alone two nights. I think I will have to sleep over there one night, between Monday and Tuesday. It will then be the first time that my cat is alone during the night.

Well, I guess it is good to practice. On Friday evening/early Saturday morning (probably 1.45 am) I have to take the bus to Turku, because we have to study there. I so wish they would have picked another day for going to Turku. But of course it has to be the Saturday when mum is still in Sweden. I will be back home at 11.30 pm late on Saturday evening/night. I can’t leave Niki alone almost 22 hours! My sister has to come here on Saturday at some point to feed it, fix the kitty litter and spend some time with the cat, so it doesn’t feel too abandoned.

I’m going to eat something now and put some things/clothes in a bag. Then I am going to the dog and I will spend the rest of the day there. I probably have to take the dog out for a walk around 10 pm, may be a bit later, so I won’t be home until very late. Then I have to go back early tomorrow morning so I can take the dog out again.

Before the week is over I also have to get the bus tickets, but I suppose I will have to wait until Thursday or Friday to get those.


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