Big snowflakes have fallen today, but it is plus degrees, so they are melting as soon as they hit the ground…

Just took a warm shower. Now I am going to eat something and continue reading. I am reading about the street cat Bob at the moment. 🙂 Very cute story! By James Bowen… You should search for “street cat bob” on YouTube. There are probably hundreds of videos of the cat! 

Kind of tired of the Olympics already. Only two silver medals to Finland so far. 😦 Tomorrow the ice hockey team plays quarter final against Russia. 😦 Big risk it’s the last game then… 

F1 testing in Bahrain this week (Wednesday to Saturday). Kimi Raikkonen is testing the last two days, starting on Friday. Hope Ferrari is successful in Bahrain. Always better to be that than to have lots of issues to solve before the season begins. But they still have one more testing session, next week I think. 

16 granny squares so far, all yellow/black. I haven’t made any for a couple of days, so I should make one tonight. 


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