Waiting for tomorrow :)

Oh, if I could go to bed already… Then I wouldn’t have to wait so long for tomorrow, 10 am… Finland vs Austria, men’s ice hockey!! 😀 But it’s only 6.45 pm and I still have things to watch on TV. So I am waiting three or four more hours before I go to bed.

I’ll read some too, tonight.

I have almost 13 granny squares. 🙂 Have to crochet the black around one of the yellow squares. I’ll do that while I watch TV.

I don’t know how I managed to get mud/sand/water halfway up to my knees on the jeans. I just walked to town and back… No wonder my socks were wet when I got home. It’s so wet, and slushy and dirty on the streets. 😦 The little snow that is left is brown/grey. My jeans are in the washing machine now.

Always fun to get letters from my pen pals in the mail. 🙂 Got a letter today!


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