Big snow flakes

Big snow flakes

My crazy cat woke me up three times during the night. 😦 At 00.10 am, 3.45 am and 5.00 am. After I had given him food at 5 am he actually came to my room and slept on the couch until 6 am when mum woke up.

Now he is snoring on mum’s bed…

Lots of big snow flakes today. 😀 Have to go out while the fun lasts. It’s been very wet and icy on the streets lately when the temperatures have been +3 C and around that. At the moment it is +0,1 C. I suppose it will be pretty slushy and soft, the snow that has come.

So far Finland has got one silver medal in the Olympics. 🙂 Some other men and women could have taken more, but it is not unusual for the Finns to do the worst competition of the season when they really should do their best… It’s happened many times before and it will happen in the future. Yesterday I watched the Finnish ladies’ ice hockey game against Canada. They lost 0-3. But it was expected, as Finland has never, ever, won against Canada in ice hockey. The women, I mean. They have been unlucky so far. Two games, two losses, against Canada and the USA. Both those teams are much better than Finland. Next game, against Switzerland, should be a bit easier and I hope they win.

The male ice hockey players have arrived to Sotchi! I think Finland’s first game is on Saturday (or may be it is Thursday…) I have to check.

They have now announced that the 43 year old Teemu Selänne (Anaheim Ducks) will be the captain for the team! 😀 At least he has lots of experience. 😉 So sad that the Koivu brothers were not able to come to the Olympics. 😦 Well Saku (Anaheim Ducks) didn’t want to come, his brother Mikko (Minnesota Wild) was injured. I am pretty sure Mikko would have been the captain of the team if he had been able to come. I guess Saku and Teemu will end their careers after this season. So it’s going to be the last Olympics for Selänne. I am sure Mikko will still be playing in four years when the next Olympics are, so may be he’ll be able to come then.

I have now 8 granny squares, all yellow/black. I am going to crochet all 39 squares of one color before I move to another color. I am not doing as much progress as I would like… But that’s because I am reading so much these days. And the squares are larger than on the previous blanket. I’ll try to make two granny squares today…

Argh, the cat is now complaining and wants to go out on the balcony… I guess I’ll have to let him go.


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