Olympics, tacos and sauna time

I am going to watch the Olympics opening ceremony at 6 pm. I suppose they show it on TV. I don’t really care about anything else than ice hockey… I know they will show the ice hockey games on TV, so I can watch them. Not sure yet if I will watch both the women’s and the men’s games or just the men.

I do hope of course that the Finnish skiers and skaters and snowboarders are going to take some medals. 🙂 I hope at least one of the ice hockey teams gets medals. Even bronze would be nice.

Before I watch the opening ceremony I will go to the sauna, at 5 pm.

Even sooner than the sauna, I will eat tacos. 🙂

It was a bit foggy today, around -3 C when I walked to the library and the grocery store. It will be nice going to the sauna. I am feeling a bit cold and sweaty after the long walk…

I am sure I will crochet a granny square or two while I watch the opening ceremony. 🙂 I have four squares now.


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