Runeberg’s Day

Runeberg's Day

February 5th, 1804, a person named Johan Ludvig Runeberg was born. (He died May 6, 1877.) He was a poet/writer, and among many other things he wrote the poem that would later become the national anthem of Finland.

Every year on February 5th, to celebrate Runeberg, Finns eat these cakes. How should I describe them… Well, on top there is raspberry jam and pink icing. There are of course different recipes for the cakes, but usually they have some powdered nuts in them. I have seen one recipe with crushed gingerbreads too. Usually they are soaked in rum or another liquid, so they are pretty moist. Not everyone likes them moist, so some bakeries and cafes sell them dry, but then they are, well, dry…

It’s not my favorite cake… I only eat one on February 5th and then no one else for the entire year. This specific cake, though, was pretty good. It had lots of icing and jam, which I liked. The cake it self was moist on the outside, but pretty dry on the inside, so they had not soaked it for long, which is how I like them.

So, that’s Runeberg’s cakes… I think it was something like his wife’s favorite cake or something like that. Not exactly sure.

I don’t like poems, but as usual on this day, I read the poem that is now the national anthem. Well, the poem has several verses, but they only use two in the anthem.

Going to bed now. Didn’t crochet any granny squares today (I only have three squares so far), so I will have to do that tomorrow. But I did finish reading a book. 🙂 A little bit of snow came today.


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