I recently saw a picture in a magazine. It was a blanket someone had crocheted. I loved the blanket, and I want to make one myself. 😀 That would make it my second crocheted blanket! I will start today. I just have to get some yarn…

I have to see how big the blanket will be… Around the same size as the other one, I suppose, depending on how big the granny squares are. It’s going to be black, with colorful squares. You crochet bigger granny squares, not changing colors, but using the same color for several rows. Only the one or two last rows are black (or whatever you want the dominant color to be). 

I am just going to use random colors (apart from the black); pink, dark pink, red, blue, yellow, green… I have to see what I have at home and what the store has to offer. I want something colorful. I am going to use the same brand of yarn as the previous blanket.

I have to go to the store anyway, so I’ll go in a while. 

Sadly it is +1 C at the moment. The snow is melting. 😦 It’s wet and slushy… Is it really necessary for the snow to already melt?

I just watched (the beginning) of Michael Schumacher’s last lap with Ferrari on YouTube. I didn’t want to watch the whole thing. Got a bit too emotional for me… May be I’ll watch it later. The music, knowing he is still in coma, knowing he will probably not ever be the same…

I found the clip as I was watching some other Ferrari/Kimi Raikkonen stuff on YouTube. I love the F14-T reveal video! I had not realized that F14-T looks like FIAT. 🙂 

I’d better go get dressed (still in a T-shirt and leggings…) and go to the store now in search of some yarn, so I can start crocheting and decide how many squares I am going to need and how many of each color.


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