1/234 squares done!

I have now made the first of 234 granny squares that I need. 😀 I had to crochet one to see how big it is. Then I calculated how many I should need. 

One square is about 9 cm. If I do 13 columns x 18 rows I am going to need 234 squares. The blanket would then be 117 x 162 centimeters, which is slightly bigger than the previous one. Around the blanket I will crochet one or two rows of double/single crochet which will make it even slightly bigger than 117 x 162 cm.

I counted that if I use six colors (red, pink, turquoise, blue, yellow and green) I need 39 of each color. Because 6 x 39 is 234. 🙂

I’ll make a classic granny square, but the first four or five rounds (I don’t remember at the moment how many rounds I did with the yellow) will be a single color and the last round will always be black.

I bought yellow and green and black today. Of the other colors I have some yarn as well, since I used the blue, turquoise, red and pink colors to the previous blanket. 

I am not going to hurry with the blanket. It will take the time it does. But I will try to make at least one square every day. 


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