Theater play tonight

In a couple of hours I have to be at the Finnish theater in town. I have a ticket to a comedy show. It’s just one man on stage, making fun of things. But tickets are selling fast, so I hope it’s funny and good. 🙂

Before that we’ll eat pizza. The pizzas are in the oven. We buy small frozen ones without filling and then you can just add whatever you want to it. I only put just a little tomato sauce, ham and mushrooms and not so much cheese. 

Another cold day. -18 C when I walked to town and ate pea soup at the restaurant/café in one of the shops. It was a good pea soup this week. 🙂 

I also went to the flea market and found a few good books that I am going to read in a while.

I have finished reading The Last Battle, so now I have read all the seven Narnia books. 


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