Rush (the movie)

It’s cold… -17 C at the moment.

But I will soon go out. The Rush movie is released on DVD today!!! 😀 I will go get it now and watch it when I come home.

I just checked the shop’s website and oh my God – “Kill your darlings” is coming February 26!!!! 😀 The movie isn’t showing in any movie theaters in Finland, so I am excited that they at least will have the DVD! I have to keep February 26 in mind (write it on the calendar) so I don’t miss it.

In case you didn’t know, Daniel Radcliffe is playing Alan Ginsberg in “Kill your darlings”.

Kimi Raikkonen was the fastest man on the circuit yesterday! 😀 But they had to shut down the engine the first lap out! 😦 So it wasn’t a good start for Ferrari. But in the end he did go out on the circuit 31 times (not all those laps were timed laps). He did get more laps than any of the other drivers, so that’s good too. Apparently all the times were slow compared to last year and the drivers were pretty inactive. But it was the first day of testing, so may be they are more active today.

Kimi will drive today as well. Tomorrow and on Friday Alonso will test the Ferrari.

But now, I will put on lots of clothes and go out into the cold…

EDIT: Watched the movie earlier today. It was just as good as I remembered it from the cinema. 🙂

Kimi and the others are driving on a wet track today, but at lunch time Valtteri Bottas and Raikkonen were the fastest drivers! We’ll see who’s fastest at the end of the day. Still a couple of hours more of testing.


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