I just got back from the sauna. 🙂 But it was almost too warm tonight. Still nice to be in the sauna when you are freezing. Lucky for me, I noticed that I had forgotten the towel BEFORE I went into the sauna. So I had to go back to the apartment and get it. What if I hadn’t noticed until after I had taken a shower… 😉

The video that Ferrari released to reveal the F14-T was actually really good! 😀 The car looks nice too. A bit more black than previous years but still a lot of red and a little white too.

I noticed a big difference between the nose of the Ferrari and the nose of for example Lotus. Hm, which nose will be better?

The name of the car don’t really matter, but I voted for the name that got in second place… Don’t remember what it was anymore. F166-Turbo?

Yesterday I went to the movie rental shop and rented “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”! 🙂 Enjoyed watching the movie yesterday. I had to return it today.

I am now reading the last book in the Narnia series, “The Last Battle”. Just started reading it.

A little more reading now before I’ll watch some TLC programs. 🙂



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