Pretty cold

It was almost -20 C this morning, but has gradually gotten warmer. Now it’s -10 C.

It was around -13 when I took the bike to a pretty nearby big store. They had some good stuff on sale. But the stuff that I bought weighed a lot! I had a big sausage that weighed 1,9 kilos! And a bag with 8 liters of kitty litter… Don’t know what that weighed, but it was much more than the sausage. 

I put the plastic bags on the bicycle and walked home. When I got home I decided to walk up to the apartment on the 4th floor, with all that stuff in the two plastic bags! It would have been easier with the elevator, but I got some exercise. 😉

Now I have taken a warm shower, put on my fake one piece. 

Dinner will soon be ready and then I will continue to read the 6th Narnia book, The Silver Chair. I have a feeling that I have read these books before, probably many years ago, but I am not sure. The stories seem so familiar.


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