I wanna be a cat in my next life! A cat living indoor… Niki loves mum’s new bed. 🙂 He looked so relaxed and cuddly today when he was lying on the bed. (Those teddybears in the background are toys for the children that mum takes care of during the day…)

Today it was – 14 C, and the sun was shining from a clear blue sky! 😀 There’s a few centimeters of snow on the ground.

I wore plenty of clothes when I walked to the library and some supermarket, so I was only cold in my face. Everything else was warm.

At the moment I am a freezing a little.

Going to watch “The Farm” tonight on a Swedish TV channel. It’s a reality show where 12 people are living in a farm, far away from other people. They have no electricity, living pretty much as they did 100 years ago. They get farm animals and work that they have to do. Once a week two people duel and the loser has to leave the farm. The winner stays on the farm. The new season starts tonight and I think they are going to have it Monday-Friday.

Might have to take a shower soon. My hands are pretty cold. But first some dinner. Don’t know what I am going to eat yet, we’ll see…


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