3096 days

I should have needed an extra pair of warm trousers to put over the jeans. But I didn’t think about that when I walked to the town… Now my thighs are cold and pink. 😦 Oh well, I am sure they get warmer soon.

It was snowing and the winds were pretty strong. I couldn’t take the bike, because no one had removed the snow from the streets. So I walked both there and back home again.

I bought “3096 days” (about Natascha Kampusch) on DVD, so I will watch that movie later today. The movie came in December (I think) and I thought I would buy it before Christmas. But at that time I didn’t see it in the store and the people working there seemed so busy, so I didn’t bother asking them about the movie.

I asked the man in the store when they will get the “Rush” movie (about F1 world champions Niki Lauda and James Hunt). January 29th it comes, so I know what I will be doing that day. 🙂


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