Hockey night! :D

Hockey night! :D

My little lion mascot and I are ready! (This is an old picture, previously posted here a long time ago…) In less than one hour the final game in the junior ice hockey world championships starts! Finland vs Sweden! 😀 A dream final, or a nightmare, depending on how they play…

I know there’s a risk that the Lion cubs will get the silver medals, but first they have to give everything they have for 60 minutes! And stay away from the penalty box… ‘Cause if I know these two teams, there’s gonna be some “cat fights” a few times.

Whatever the outcome, gold or silver, I know it will be one heck of a game and I am looking forward to it! 😀

The Lion cubs have last played a final 2001 when the Czech Republic won. The last medal, bronze, is from 2006. So it’s about time they get some medals to bring home. 🙂

Because they know more Finns than usual will want to see this game, and not every one have the TV channel that airs it (because it’s one of the channels you have to pay to see), they will kindly air the game in one of the free TV channels too. 🙂 So sweet of them!

It’s a mixture of rain and snow today I think. Something is coming down from the sky right now, but it’s too dark to see what it is. But as it is +3 C at the moment, I am guessing it’s pure rain…

Haven’t done much today. Read quite a lot.

I am interested in seeing just how many books I can read this year, so I am going to write all the books I read in a document and save it on the USB stick. I have already read two books this year. The third I might finish tomorrow or late tonight.

I don’t care that the books are 150 page paperbacks. They are quick to read and a lot of them are really good and thrilling. Of course I’ll read thick ones too… The first book I read this year was The Horse and his Boy, one of the Narnia books. I have this very thick, heavy book with all the Narnia novels in one volume. 🙂 I’ve just started the fourth Narnia novel. The first two I read last year.


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