A new year

A new year

So, a new year is here. I am going to have to get used to saying and writing 2014 now. I’d still like to say 2013…

The picture was taken yesterday. The cat celebrated his new year on the couch. He didn’t mind the fireworks, only a little when there was a larger bang.

I didn’t see the fireworks at the beach. It had been raining pretty much during the evening (don’t know if it was raining at midnight though…) and I was tired. I slept from 10 to 11 pm and then I boiled a few sausages and ate them with the potato salad. At the same time I watched “Dinner for one” on Youtube. 🙂

Midnight I spent in bed reading the chronicles of Narnia, more specifically The Horse and His Boy!

I didn’t watch Dinner for One on TV, because at that moment I watched the ice hockey game between Finland and Switzerland. They (the Finns) lost after the shoot out competition. But they finished second in the group and will play against the Czech Republic in the quarter final.

I went to bed at 00.45 am and woke up almost 9 am, which is crazy… 99 % of the days I am awake before 8 am.

I am going to watch the annual TV show about the Swedish royal family tonight. They film the royalties during the year and then they have a one hour program with interviews and they show what they have been doing during the year.


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