A little bit of snow

The winds were strong, it felt cold and there was a few snow flakes coming down from the sky when I took the bicycle to Lidl. 🙂 

It’s supposed to get a little warmer now, as in -4 C to -2 C. May be tomorrow we’ll have those kind of temperatures. I hope so. And they are expecting a lot a snow, so I hope that comes too. 

Nice to come home, put on the fake one-piece and some knitted socks. 🙂

The comedy show yesterday was funny! 😀 It wasn’t too long. 90 minutes plus a break of 15 minutes in the middle. The show was sold out. But it was really cold walking home in -18 C. 😦

Going to watch some YouTube now before dinner. Tonight I might start crocheting an amigurumi. 🙂 And read a book. And watch TLC. 🙂

Theater play tonight

In a couple of hours I have to be at the Finnish theater in town. I have a ticket to a comedy show. It’s just one man on stage, making fun of things. But tickets are selling fast, so I hope it’s funny and good. 🙂

Before that we’ll eat pizza. The pizzas are in the oven. We buy small frozen ones without filling and then you can just add whatever you want to it. I only put just a little tomato sauce, ham and mushrooms and not so much cheese. 

Another cold day. -18 C when I walked to town and ate pea soup at the restaurant/café in one of the shops. It was a good pea soup this week. 🙂 

I also went to the flea market and found a few good books that I am going to read in a while.

I have finished reading The Last Battle, so now I have read all the seven Narnia books. 

Rush (the movie)

It’s cold… -17 C at the moment.

But I will soon go out. The Rush movie is released on DVD today!!! 😀 I will go get it now and watch it when I come home.

I just checked the shop’s website and oh my God – “Kill your darlings” is coming February 26!!!! 😀 The movie isn’t showing in any movie theaters in Finland, so I am excited that they at least will have the DVD! I have to keep February 26 in mind (write it on the calendar) so I don’t miss it.

In case you didn’t know, Daniel Radcliffe is playing Alan Ginsberg in “Kill your darlings”.

Kimi Raikkonen was the fastest man on the circuit yesterday! 😀 But they had to shut down the engine the first lap out! 😦 So it wasn’t a good start for Ferrari. But in the end he did go out on the circuit 31 times (not all those laps were timed laps). He did get more laps than any of the other drivers, so that’s good too. Apparently all the times were slow compared to last year and the drivers were pretty inactive. But it was the first day of testing, so may be they are more active today.

Kimi will drive today as well. Tomorrow and on Friday Alonso will test the Ferrari.

But now, I will put on lots of clothes and go out into the cold…

EDIT: Watched the movie earlier today. It was just as good as I remembered it from the cinema. 🙂

Kimi and the others are driving on a wet track today, but at lunch time Valtteri Bottas and Raikkonen were the fastest drivers! We’ll see who’s fastest at the end of the day. Still a couple of hours more of testing.


I just got back from the sauna. 🙂 But it was almost too warm tonight. Still nice to be in the sauna when you are freezing. Lucky for me, I noticed that I had forgotten the towel BEFORE I went into the sauna. So I had to go back to the apartment and get it. What if I hadn’t noticed until after I had taken a shower… 😉

The video that Ferrari released to reveal the F14-T was actually really good! 😀 The car looks nice too. A bit more black than previous years but still a lot of red and a little white too.

I noticed a big difference between the nose of the Ferrari and the nose of for example Lotus. Hm, which nose will be better?

The name of the car don’t really matter, but I voted for the name that got in second place… Don’t remember what it was anymore. F166-Turbo?

Yesterday I went to the movie rental shop and rented “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”! 🙂 Enjoyed watching the movie yesterday. I had to return it today.

I am now reading the last book in the Narnia series, “The Last Battle”. Just started reading it.

A little more reading now before I’ll watch some TLC programs. 🙂


Pretty cold

It was almost -20 C this morning, but has gradually gotten warmer. Now it’s -10 C.

It was around -13 when I took the bike to a pretty nearby big store. They had some good stuff on sale. But the stuff that I bought weighed a lot! I had a big sausage that weighed 1,9 kilos! And a bag with 8 liters of kitty litter… Don’t know what that weighed, but it was much more than the sausage. 

I put the plastic bags on the bicycle and walked home. When I got home I decided to walk up to the apartment on the 4th floor, with all that stuff in the two plastic bags! It would have been easier with the elevator, but I got some exercise. 😉

Now I have taken a warm shower, put on my fake one piece. 

Dinner will soon be ready and then I will continue to read the 6th Narnia book, The Silver Chair. I have a feeling that I have read these books before, probably many years ago, but I am not sure. The stories seem so familiar.

Icy, Iceman

We removed all the decorations from the Christmas tree today. 😦 Didn’t throw it out yet, because Alec wanted to be here when we do that. But we have it on the balcony, in – 20 C…

This is probably the coldest so far this winter!

The windows have ice crystals on them and the window on the balcony door has real ice…

Enjoyed watching the Iceman, Kimi Räikkönen, in several different videos on Ferrari’s website. They interviewed him while he was driving a fancy Ferrari car. 😀 

I have a headache today. 😦 That’s never funny. I’ve taken a pill, but it doesn’t work yet. 

Maybe if I read some Narnia it will disappear. 🙂

New winter shoes :)

Sunny, cold, around – 13 C at the moment.

Bought new winter shoes today. 🙂 The old once were so worn out (had a few holes in them). The new ones were on sale, 20 euro cheaper than before. Now they were 29.90 euros. 30 is about the limit for me. Don’t want more expensive shoes than that. I would never buy shoes for 49.90 (which was the normal price for these shoes).

They are the same brand as the shoes that I will wear in the spring/summer.

I can hear the cat snoring in mum’s bedroom. 😀

Now I am pretty cold and sweaty. So I will take a warm shower, and then read some more of the next Narnia book. (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.)