So, Santa (my brother…) got me a jigsaw puzzle with 2000 pieces. I always do jigsaw puzzles on an old board, but it can only take 1000 pieces. I know that, because earlier this year I bought a beautiful jigsaw puzzle with an image of Titanic. But it has 1500 pieces, so I’ve not been able to start solving it yet.

Well, today mum went to take the trash out and she came in and said that someone had thrown out their kitchen cupboards. 😉 So what do I do? I go and get two thin pieces of wood (that used to be the backside of the cupboards). I could not use only one, because it was too short. The length was good, but the width was not. Mum’s friend used duct tape to tape the two pieces together.

So now I have a board that’s big enough to take 2000 pieces!

I have this weird green piece of fabric (fleece I think). You are supposed to make the jigsaw puzzle on it, and when you want to take a break, you roll it around a big cardboard tube and wrap some rubber bands around it. I don’t know how it’s going to work, but I’ll try.

I told the cat not to go laying down on the fleece. But does he ever listen? Of course not! Well, as long as he doesn’t start licking the fabric… I know he will one day…

Today I sorted all the edge pieces out and put them in a plastic bag. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can make some of the edge.

As you can see in the picture it is Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Lots of blue and yellow pieces, not many other colors. It’s going to be difficult getting all pieces together…

So, Michael Schumacher is not doing well after his skiing accident today. 😦 Hope he survives. Apparently his condition got worse during the evening…

It’s past midnight. Better get some sleep now.


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