Ice hockey night! :D

Soon it’s ice hockey time! 😀 Finland vs Czech Republic! I think the game starts at 7.30 pm, in about 30 minutes. 

Today I bought ingredients to make “ice chocolate” (in Swedish it’s called ischoklad). According to Wikipedia it’s called Eiskonfekt in German and it was founded in Germany in 1927! It’s basically just melted chocolate and melted coconut fat. I also like to add a few drops of peppermint oil. Then you pour the mixture in small red and green metallic cups and put it in the refrigerator. This year I am going to add a little pepper mint crunch at the bottom of the metallic cups and sprinkle a little on top too. So it will taste even more like mint chocolate and the crunch gives it a nice texture.

I could have made the ice chocolate tonight, but I want to watch the ice hockey game instead. I’ll make the chocolate may be on the weekend.

Tomorrow I have to do the final school assignment before Christmas. And since this is the Euro Hockey Tour, there will be two more ice hockey games to watch as well this week. One game is probably on Sunday, the other on either Friday or Saturday.

But first, Buddy Valastro in Kitchen Boss! 🙂 


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