I love happy surprises, who doesn’t? 😉 

I bought a scratch card the other day and thought I won 20 euros. But, when I took the scratch card to the store to collect the 20 euros it turned out I had actually won 30 euros. 😀 I must have counted wrong or something on the scratch card.

Today I got a book in the mail. 🙂 I took part in a short story competition earlier this year. Didn’t win anything, but didn’t expect that either. They did however send me a book as a consolation prize as they called it. The book was even wrapped in gift paper inside the envelope. 🙂 I think it’s a pretty good book; something about a mummified cat and papyrus… We’ll see when I’ve read it. 

I worked yesterday five and a half hours, a little more than that. Tomorrow I’ll go back and be there four hours, from 1 to 5 in the afternoon.

I can probably take the bicycle because I went to the town today and it was no problems cycling. 90 % of the streets are free from ice and snow. 😦 It’s +5 degrees at the moment I think.

Tonight there is supposed to be a storm, once again… 

Now I am in a bit of a hurry. I need to take a Christmas card to the mail box and then hurry home again to eat something. In the evening I will be in the Finnish theater, watching a play about a man (a Finn) who is obsessed in becoming a Swede! 😀 I have read the book in Swedish (called Hallonbåtsflyktingen) and have it in Finnish (called Vadelmavenepakolainen), so the story is known to me already. Mum and her Swedish man watched it in November. They thought it was pretty funny but a bit weird at times. 

Apparently you have to sing the Swedish national anthem in the beginning of the play! 😀 (Lucky for me I know all the words in that song!)


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