Yeah, the fun is over. Sunday-Monday it was -14 Celsius or something. Cold and nice, plenty of snow. Today it was -5 at a point, but now it’s +2 and raining. 😦 The snow is melting fast. And tomorrow it’s supposed to be +4. The whole week it’s going to be +1 to +3 somewhere. 

I really hope it turns around for the end of the month. I don’t want it to rain and the grass to be green on Christmas…

Wrote a letter today to one of my pen pals. 

Also did pretty much crocheting while watching TV-shows on TLC. I made a little Santa (that’s supposed to hang in the Christmas tree) as well as an egg sitting in a cup. 😀 Still need to give the Santa some eyes and a mouth and the other things aren’t completely done either.

Tomorrow I am going to work 5,5 hours. 🙂 It’s been a long time since last. In June! And I’ll probably only work that one day, but still nice to get those phone calls saying that they need me.

Didn’t pay much attention to the Nobel prize ceremonies and I watched nothing of the big dinner. It’s pretty boring when both princess Madeleine and crown princess Victoria were missing. But I did see when Higgs and Englert got their prizes. Not sure I spelled the Englert name correctly.

It’s getting late. Better go to bed.


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