Santa crocheting

Santa crocheting

I made this funny little Santa today. 🙂 It’s from the latest, issue 12, of “Simply Crochet”. They had lots of cute things to crochet in that edition. I might try something else another day.

It was mostly easy crocheting the Santa. But some of the instructions I didn’t understand at first and they had left out an important sentence in the description! But I figured it out.

Quite a lot of snow came today. 🙂 But it was wet snow and my winter coat was very wet when I walked to town to eat pea soup and pancake from that store where they serve it. Luckily it didn’t snow anymore when I walked home again.

Yesterday I went to the company that sell TV channels and I told them I don’t need those sports channels anymore now that Formula One is over for this year. But you pay one month in advance, so I still have the sports channels until the end of the year. In March next year I’ll have to get them again, because I am not going to miss Kimi Raikkonen’s year in Ferrari!

Instead of the sports channels, I’ve now got Discovery Channel, Discovery World, Discovery Science, Discovery ID, Animal Planet and best of all: TLC!! 😀 I love TLC! Cake Boss, Kitchen Boss, Long Island Medium, My Bizarre Body… I can even watch Toddlers and Tiaras and some other documentaries and series if I happen to turn on the TV and find something interesting.

Tomorrow is Finland’s birthday! 😀 96 years old! I’ll write more about what I do tomorrow in the evening.


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