Stormy once again

Ok, so yesterday we had incredibly horribly icy streets. I mean, walking to the garbage containers may be 20 meters from the door to the house, meant you were almost falling head first in the ice five times or more… And when I went with mum and Alec across the street to a house where the local “cat house” had a flea market (they had some very cute kittens there and we ate waffles with jam and whipped cream), I don’t know how we made it all the way there and back in one piece! Once I had to grab a tree to prevent me from falling. The little sand that was on the streets didn’t do much to help. You should have needed 5 times more sand! And in our parking space, from the front door to the garbage containers was a narrow line of soil… To get the few meters from the garbage containers to the street was scary…

With the “cat house” I mean there’s a house in my suburb that has probably 100 homeless cats. A number of people are working there, feeding the animals, taking them to the vet and so on. They get lots of food and kitty litter free by donations and they also have flea markets and other small events during the year. It’s a good way for them to get money. Yesterday there were a lot of people eating rice porridge, fish soup and waffles as well as cakes and cookies. Getting a cat from the cat house cost some money, but then you know they have been to the vet to get checked out, vaccinated and castrated. I wouldn’t mind buying a cat from the cat house if I found a very cute, young cat. But one cat is enough for me. When Niki one day is gone I will of course get a new cat. 

When we got home from the flea market Niki immediately noticed some new smells on us! 🙂 He had to smell and smell and smell, the clothes, our hands, the books I bought…

Last week the mail men were not working, because of some conflicts. It wasn’t all the mail men at the same time. It was a few cities each day. On Friday it was the mail men here that didn’t go to work.

I knew that the calendars that we ordered was mailed on Tuesday last week and they should have come within a few days, but of course, with all the mail men refusing to work in different cities, it took longer than expected to get the calendars. So today I waited several hours for the mail to be delivered, but none came.

After a while I got bored waiting for the mail, so I walked to a super market in the area and it was snowing quite a lot. A few centimeters I guess. I couldn’t take the bike because it was still pretty icy under the snow and you couldn’t of course see where the icy parts of the street were. I bought an advent calendar with small Mars chocolate pieces! Yummy! And because it’s December 2nd, I got to eat two pieces today! 

I left the house at 3 pm and got home may be 4.15 (it took about 30 minutes to walk to the supermarket and 30 minutes back) pm and as I got home the mail had been delivered, including the calendars! 😀 They were really good! But now they are tucked away in the closet until Christmas…

I also got a text message that I have a package waiting for me across the street in the local post office (the little grocery store has a little post office too). I’ll probably go pick it up tomorrow. 🙂 I’ve ordered some, well, I don’t really remember what I ordered. Kits with small Christmas decorations, pictures to cut out, a kit containing all you need to make a bracelet… You got 15 % off when you ordered, so I decided to order some stuff. 

Well, it was fun as long as it lasted, the snow… Now it’s +3,7 degrees and the snow is rapidly melting. If we get minus degrees during the night, it means another day with icy streets. 

Now the winds are strong, again… The windows are rumbling and shaking…

I usually don’t watch the news on TV. But in the early evening I had watched another TV program and I was lazy and didn’t turn off the TV, so I watched the news that followed. The weather reporter said November had been (an average of) 5 degrees warmer than Novembers usually are. 😦 It had also been much rainier than usual.

Tomorrow at 4 pm I am going to cut my hair! 😀 I only cut it probably once or twice a year. But now it’s time again. They can cut off my ponytail. I don’t need it. I can live a couple of weeks without a pony tail. It will grow back soon. I’ll tell them to cut off the hair above my shoulders. I always do that. Then I will let the hair grow 15-20 centimeters (okay, I am not good at measuring lengths without a ruler, so it could be only 10 centimeters). But I have a pretty long ponytail.

Today the cat surprised mum by jumping up onto the stove! 😀 Lucky for him the stove had not been used recently! Then he walked over to the sink. Mum forgot she had cut some leaves off a green plant and left them in the sink. Well, Niki could smell the delicious plant and wanted to take a bite from it. I let him eat a leaf and then I threw the rest in the thrash. The cat usually doesn’t jump up on the stove or the sink. He is a good jumper though. Recently he has started to jump from my sofa to my bed and that’s some distance, may be 60-80 centimeters… 

Now it’s time to go to bed. It’s 10.30 pm. The cat will probably wake me up at 5.30 am. He can’t wait 30 more minutes until mum’s clock rings. 


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