Happy New Year!

I have just started putting the first few pieces together on the Starry Night jigsaw puzzle. 🙂 It’s gonna be difficult!

But I am taking a break from the jigsaw puzzle now, because I am going to go to the grocery store, and then I’ll make another batch of Eiskonfekt! I have to use that coconut fat that I have from the last batch.

And later tonight I’ll watch Finland vs. Switzerland in the junior ice hockey world championships. 🙂 Finland took a surprising victory last night against Russia! 🙂 4-1! I forgot to check when the game started yesterday, so I turned on the TV when half the game had been played…

Even later than that I am going to bed. 😉 Because I know that I will not have the energy to stay awake until midnight if I don’t take a nap first. So I’ll watch that black and white comedy “Dinner for one” (I think that’s the name), go to bed and have the alarm clock ringing sometimes after 11. 

Don’t know if I am going to the beach to see the fireworks. Depends on the weather, my mood and energy. I don’t think I went last year, but I did the year before that.

I don’t know where the tradition came from, but Finns usually eat potato salad and boiled sausage on New Year… So that’s my dinner today. 🙂 Another tradition is to melt a tin horse shoe and quickly throw the liquid in cold water. Then it transform into something different and you have to try and guess what it is. If it looks like a boat, may be you are going on a boat trip in the following year. 

Yesterday my sister called to let us know that her mother-in-law had passed away on Sunday, December 29. So my niece and two nephews have lost their grand mum. 😦 It was kind of expected as she suffered a bad heart attack on December 14. Since then she was in the ICU (intensive care unit) at the local hospital and then they took her to the hospital in Tampere, were they did some surgery and kept her in the ICU there. I don’t now if she ever really woke up after the heart attack and there were constantly new issues the doctors had to try and solve. Kidney failure, high fever, bleeding from the aorta… Don’t know what finally happened that took her life. She had turned 70 in November, so she wasn’t that old. 

Well, she could have been sleeping for weeks or months and what kind of life is that, just laying in bed with machines breathing for you…

And Michael Schumacher is still fighting for his life. 😦 I hope the doctors give some news today. 

A good thing is that Kimi Raikkonen is officially a Ferrari driver tomorrow! 😀 Hope they give out an interview with him soon. 

Happy New Year to all who is reading this. 🙂



So, Santa (my brother…) got me a jigsaw puzzle with 2000 pieces. I always do jigsaw puzzles on an old board, but it can only take 1000 pieces. I know that, because earlier this year I bought a beautiful jigsaw puzzle with an image of Titanic. But it has 1500 pieces, so I’ve not been able to start solving it yet.

Well, today mum went to take the trash out and she came in and said that someone had thrown out their kitchen cupboards. 😉 So what do I do? I go and get two thin pieces of wood (that used to be the backside of the cupboards). I could not use only one, because it was too short. The length was good, but the width was not. Mum’s friend used duct tape to tape the two pieces together.

So now I have a board that’s big enough to take 2000 pieces!

I have this weird green piece of fabric (fleece I think). You are supposed to make the jigsaw puzzle on it, and when you want to take a break, you roll it around a big cardboard tube and wrap some rubber bands around it. I don’t know how it’s going to work, but I’ll try.

I told the cat not to go laying down on the fleece. But does he ever listen? Of course not! Well, as long as he doesn’t start licking the fabric… I know he will one day…

Today I sorted all the edge pieces out and put them in a plastic bag. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can make some of the edge.

As you can see in the picture it is Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Lots of blue and yellow pieces, not many other colors. It’s going to be difficult getting all pieces together…

So, Michael Schumacher is not doing well after his skiing accident today. 😦 Hope he survives. Apparently his condition got worse during the evening…

It’s past midnight. Better get some sleep now.

Christmas day

Christmas day

Yesterday I spend most of the day at my sister’s house as usual on Christmas Eve. She came to pick me and mum up at around 1 pm, then we went to the grave yard to put some candles on some graves. When we got to her house my brother and his family were already there.

We ate at around 2.30 pm. Pretty good ham this year! 🙂 I’m not a big eater on Christmas. But ham, potatoes and white sauce and a few salads are nice.

At 4 pm we watched Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Cinderella and the others in the “From all of us” cartoon. It took an hour. Shortly there after Santa (my brother-in-law) came. The kids usually recognize him, so this year he just showed himself in the living room window, then we opened the door and he waved and put a few plastic bags with gifts in the hall. We told the youngest kids Santa was very busy and didn’t have time to come in. They didn’t bother. Alec was probably just happy, because he looked a little scared just seeing Santa at the front door.

I got among other things a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle (van Gogh’s Starry night), books, a DVD, chocolate, a Tangle Teezer (a funny looking hair brush, the Original Blueberry Pop), money, cross word book…

I hope the hair brush is good, because I have pretty messy hair, tangles in it sometimes, especially when it’s wet. Sometimes nothing other than scissors help to remove the tangles.

We got home around 9.30 in the evening. It was very nice to put on the one piece and lay down on the bed, just watching TV. 🙂

Sadly it was a green Christmas… A very thin layer of snow in the morning that quickly melted as it was raining pretty much the whole day.

Today I’ve spend most of the day reading, not doing anything in particular. I’ll watch some TV later this evening and made solve a few cross word puzzles.

Playful cat

Playful cat

Biting the ribbon that was around the Christmas gifts is so much fun! 😀 The 13 year old turns into a kitten when he can chase the red band.

He got three Christmas gifts; two small cans of cat food (one with chicken, one with tuna and shrimps), cat treats and cat sausages! 🙂



My Eiskonfekt is now ready! 😀 40 in total, but now only 39, because I had to taste one. 😉 It was really yummy!

So, 100 grams of melted coconut fat and 200 grams of pretty dark chocolate. I melted the coconut fat and broke the chocolate into smaller pieces before I added them to the fat and stirred a lot until every piece of chocolate was melted. I also added 6 drops of peppermint oil to the mixture. In each of the metal cups I put about a teaspoon (a little less) of peppermint candy crunch and then filled the cups with the chocolate mix. The filling of the cups was pretty messy. 😉 May be a little more than an hour in the refrigerator and they were nice and solid. (Of course I put them on a larger plate when the chocolate was liquid.) But now when they are solid, I can have them on top of each other on a smaller plate in the refrigerator.