Flu bugs :(

Flu bugs :(

Get away from me, evil flu bugs. 😦 I don’t want you here. I am coughing and sneezing. A bit of headache too, and a general feeling of tiredness. It could be worse though… So I hope that if i take some medicine now it will stay pretty mild.

I have heard that Sweden has the vomiting disease going strong at the moment. THAT i don’t want. Hopefully those bugs don’t find me! I will take the flu bugs 10 times out of 10 if I have to choose having the cold or vomiting.

The picture I took yesterday morning, or may be the day before that. Don’t remember exactly. It looks like the house roof is on fire, but it’s just the sky!

I put up my red paper star in the window on Tuesday. 🙂 The paper star has a lightbulb in it, so it shines. The whole room seems red when you turn on the star and turn off the light in the room. 🙂

Mum thinks it’s a bit early to have Christmas decorations. But hey, it’s just a star! It’s nothing that screams Christmas, apart from the fact that it’s red. Mum has a white star, but I suppose she will wait until December before she puts that up.

It’s Thursday which means pea soup and pancake. But I don’t think I will go today. Didn’t like the soup last time when they had put fried bacon in it. And maybe I should stay away from the other lunch guests so they don’t go home and start coughing. 😉


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