Home again

I got home around 11 pm last night. The bus was actually 20 minutes early at the bus station. 🙂 I was the only passenger for the last 1,5 hours of the trip!

At 11.45 pm I wanted to watch the rerun of the ice hockey game between Finland and the Czech Republic. But, they showed a live tennis game between two guys. 😦 I had to wait around 30 minutes extra for the ice hockey game started. It looked bad when it was 2-0 to Czech Republic, but in the end Finland won 3-2! 😀 (I knew the results before the game, as mum told me, but I still wanted to see the game). Unfortunately the game ended at 2 am! 

But I slept until 8.30 pm, so I still got more than six hours of sleep. Could have been more, but I’ll go earlier to bed tonight instead. Got sore legs after all those hours in the bus. They still hurt a bit. 

Going to take it easy today, cross stitch and crochet. And read a book. In the afternoon the game between Finland and Sweden comes. Don’t want to miss that! 🙂

The rain is pouring down. 😦 I hope it doesn’t continue all day.

Today is father’s day in Finland. But there aren’t many dad figures around here anymore. I don’t have any dad or any grand dads. My nephews and niece have also lost all their grand dads. So it’s just my brother and my brother-in-law who are dads in the immediate family.


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