Snowflake (crocheted)

Struggled to make my first crocheted snowflake today! 😀 I have always felt that those flowers and snowflakes and different kinds of crocheted squares are too difficult… But I decided to make a snowflake today. And I did it! 🙂 It’s not perfect, but it looked pretty much like the picture. I think I made a mistake at some point, but that’s okay. If I practice on a few more, I am sure they will be easier to make. 🙂 You just have to read the instructions very carefully and make sure you understand it before you crochet.

I also started to crochet a little flat skull. 😉 That’s something I haven’t done either. But I am not sure if I did something wrong there too, and I might start all over again tomorrow. Don’t think I will crochet any more today. 

How nice of the Lions to win the game against Russia! 😀 4-3. The end was nerve wracking because Finland was in box play and Russia took out the goalkeeper so they could play 6 against 4. But Finland survived the last couple of minutes and won the game!

On Saturday they play against the Czech republic. I will not be able to watch that game. 😦 I am in Turku then. If it is not Formula one when I am in Turku, it is something else, like ice hockey… But at least I get to watch the game against Sweden on Sunday.

Speaking of the Lions, they have recently revealed their jerseys for the Olympic games. Oh my, they are ugly… Seriously! The blue jersey is slightly better, but the white is trash. I know I am not the only Finn who think the jerseys are ugly. And speaking of trash… one jersey is made of 17 plastic bottles! Don’t remember the process how they made bottles into thread… Oh well, at least they are environmentally friendly. 😉 And in the end it doesn’t matter what the players look like on the ice. Their job is to score goals, play good games and hopefully return to Finland with some medals around their necks. I am not expecting gold medals, but bronze would be nice too.

I am going to the sauna tomorrow at 6 pm.

Today it was only about +2 degrees. I took the winter coat when I returned some books to the library. The pea soup was okay. They had put some fried bacon in it which was odd. I tried to avoid those pieces. I hope they don’t put bacon in the soup every week from now on. 


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