Swedish Day!

Today is the Swedish Day in Finland! 😀 Basically it’s a day for us Swedish speaking Finns. Nothing really to celebrate, but at least the flags are up! 🙂 

Rain this morning, but now it has been dry most of the day. It’s cloudy and cold. But no rain. 

It’s so frustrating when you want to eat a certain food. And then the two local grocery stores do not have it! 😦 I know I should have taken the bicycle straight to the supermarket. But then it would have been pretty late. I wanted a kind of chicken, and they usually have it. I guess they will get some tomorrow. But I wanted it today…Now I have to eat spaghetti and minced meat sauce, which is okay.

Going to finish a Christmas card tonight. It’s nothing that screams Christmas, but they are still cute. It’s the free kit that came with the latest issue of CrossStitcher. A deer, a rabbit and a robin. They have small bells and green bows too that you can attach. I have made two and started on the third, which I will finish while I watch Efterlyst late tonight. 


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