Rain, rain, rain and a little more rain…

Man, it poured down today! Several hours of heavy rain. 

I had to go get some bus tickets (because I have to go to Turku on Saturday…) When I came out it was only a few drops of rain. So I didn’t bother going inside again to get the rain coat. What a stupid idea not to take it. 😦 I went to the library and then to the bus/train station and then home. When I got home I was drenched, soaking wet. I had to change everything. I even had to buy a plastic bag from the bus station to put the tickets in it, otherwise those tickets would probably have been destroyed by the rain.

I cross stitched a Christmas card while I watched “The Montazamis with friends”. Maria and her family spent a summer in Sweden and in each episode they get visits from a Swedish celebrity or other famous person. I love the show! Can’t get enough of Montazami!

Yesterday I spent most of the day writing a scientific article. So glad that is over! 

It’s late. Time to sleep.


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