Sauna tonight

I am confused with the whole Kimi-Lotus thing right now… 😦 Kimi said today that he has been paid NOTHING all year! Boullier said in Japan that Kimi had been paid something but confessed today that they still owe him money. Kimi said he considered dropping out of the Abu Dhabi GP but Lopez convinced him to come and race. Boullier said he is certain Kimi will finish all three remaining races, Kimi is not sure he will be driving in the USA and Brazil. Boullier said everything is fine, Kimi is smiling… Kimi certainly didn’t smile at all during the interviews. And apparently they communicated via lawyers earlier this week. Who is lying and what are they lying about?

If Kimi decides to end his season after Abu Dhabi, I am not blaming him. I totally understand him. Kimi said he has to draw a line somewhere. If they can’t agree on the money issue and other issues, well, may be it’s better for Kimi to stay home and focus on next year with Ferrari.

Oh well, we’ll see what he says later this weekend. He was pretty good in the practice sessions today. 🙂 

I went to the sauna tonight. 🙂 Haven’t been in the sauna for months… It was hot! I only stayed in there for about 10 minutes. 

It’s been a cold, rainy, dark day. 😦 Plenty of rain tonight. It would be better and funnier with snow. 

My sister’s 39th birthday is today. We are going to celebrate her and her younger son Rasmus on Sunday. Rasmus turned 11 on Tuesday. 

It’s almost midnight. Time to log off and get some sleep.


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