Just got back from the sauna. 🙂 I first booked the time 7pm-8 pm but later went back and changed it to 6 pm. 

Now I am going to watch a movie on DVD but I don’t know which yet. I will of course cross stitch something at the same time. 

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the Christmas market that they have this weekend in Botniahallen, a large indoor sports center. Free entrance and free non stop bus transportation. The sports center is located outside of the town, so they want people to take the bus instead of cars. It will probably take me a couple of hours to walk around, looking at everything. I hope I find at least something to buy from the market.

It’s been a couple of days with strong winds, but it has been better today. Cloudy and a bit cold. Not much sun.

Nothing interesting on TV tonight. That’s why I am going to watch a movie instead.

School work

Looking forward to school work as much as I look forward to cycling a rainy, cold, stormy day… (don’t look forward at all) I have two assignments to do today.

*Sighs* If it could be Christmas now… Then these two courses would be done.

I just counted, 29 days to Christmas! 😀 And I still don’t have an advent calendar…I’ll get one of those scratch card calendars, where you scratch one square each day. But I usually never win anything, 10 euros most.

Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

I ordered a Christmas gift for me today. 🙂 Mum is paying the bill! She ordered one for her boyfriend too.

The above picture is one of the pictures in the 2014 calendar that I will get. 🙂 Mum’s calendar for her boyfriend has only 13 different pictures (one for each month and one for the cover). Mine has 39 pictures. Three pictures for each month and three for the cover. I chose a lot of pictures of my cat of course. But I also put pictures of my nephews and niece, as well as the dogs and my sister’s two birds (that are both dead now). Also some pictures that I took in Helsinki, Turku and here in Vasa (mushrooms and winter pictures).

It will be interesting to see when it comes what it really looks like. 🙂 And when 2014 is over I can cut out the pictures and save them!

Tonight is the last Formula one GP of the season… Kovalainen and Bottas didn’t do so well in the rain yesterday. 😦 But the race is long and anything can happen. I am sure things will happen tonight if the rain continues.

It’s a few minus degrees and very icy on the streets. Most snow is gone, but not everything.

The snow is already melting

Yesterday we had a few minus degrees all day and even snow that covered the entire ground. 🙂 Today, of course it has to be plus degrees… What else? The snow that came yesterday is slowly melting already.

Couldn’t it stay at least a few days? 

Are we going to have a green rainy Christmas? I want tons of snow! And -15 degrees at least. Then it will feel like winter. 

This weekend is the final F1 GP of the season. 😦 Don’t know yet when the practices are. Sometimes in the afternoon/evening as they are in Brazil. 

Flu bugs :(

Flu bugs :(

Get away from me, evil flu bugs. 😦 I don’t want you here. I am coughing and sneezing. A bit of headache too, and a general feeling of tiredness. It could be worse though… So I hope that if i take some medicine now it will stay pretty mild.

I have heard that Sweden has the vomiting disease going strong at the moment. THAT i don’t want. Hopefully those bugs don’t find me! I will take the flu bugs 10 times out of 10 if I have to choose having the cold or vomiting.

The picture I took yesterday morning, or may be the day before that. Don’t remember exactly. It looks like the house roof is on fire, but it’s just the sky!

I put up my red paper star in the window on Tuesday. 🙂 The paper star has a lightbulb in it, so it shines. The whole room seems red when you turn on the star and turn off the light in the room. 🙂

Mum thinks it’s a bit early to have Christmas decorations. But hey, it’s just a star! It’s nothing that screams Christmas, apart from the fact that it’s red. Mum has a white star, but I suppose she will wait until December before she puts that up.

It’s Thursday which means pea soup and pancake. But I don’t think I will go today. Didn’t like the soup last time when they had put fried bacon in it. And maybe I should stay away from the other lunch guests so they don’t go home and start coughing. 😉


So fun to watch Heikki Kovalainen in the Lotus car this weekend! 😀 He is doing a great job! It is not easy to jump into a team and perform so well with such a short notice. He got the call to come to Lotus on Tuesday night and he has had to learn a lot of new things in just a few days. 🙂 P8 tomorrow on the starting grid. And Valtteri Bottas P9! 😀 But I think Bottas will fall down to P11 – P14 in the GP. It’s one thing to be strong in the qualifying, a different thing to be strong in the race. And I don’t think Williams has the car yet to get some points. They only have Maldonado’s one point so far. Looking forward to the race tomorrow! 🙂 Red Bull is of course in a different league… And it’s not difficult to guess who’s gonna win tomorrow.

Finished a cross stitched bookmark while I watched the qualifying. 🙂 The bookmark shows three sheep and there’s some butterflies and pink flowers as well. Pretty cute. 🙂

Finished reading Pure, by Julianna Baggott. Very good book! Also started on the second book in the trilogy, Fuse. I hope it is just as good.

The wind is pretty strong right now. But apparently it’s getting worse. Around 6 am to 8 am it’s supposed to be the strongest winds in this area, then it will move somewhere else. The electric company has warned that the electricity might be cut off. But usually things doesn’t turn out as bad as it has been predicted in the newspapers and tabloids. But, we’ll see.

Almost midnight. The cat is snoring on my couch. He really likes the blanket that I put there, so he can rest his head on it. 😀

Heikki Kovalainen

The end of the Formula one season suddenly turned much more interesting. 🙂 Heikki Kovalainen will replace Kimi Räikkönen for the last two races! 😀 Looking forward to that!

Kimi will be hospitalized tomorrow (or may be he is already in the hospital). But at least tomorrow he will have that back surgery. 😦 Oh well, at least he is getting it fixed so he can focus on returning to Formula one next season. 🙂

Pretty sunny today. Went to the library in the afternoon.

Bought some green yarn and started crocheting an amigurumi. Will post a picture of it when it’s done.

Alec came here for a couple of hours in the afternoon. He really has started talking a lot! 🙂 And you understand most of what he is saying.

Watched Efterlyst on TV tonight. 

Almost midnight so I need to sleep now.