Finger puppets

Started crocheting a finger puppet tonight! 🙂 I will of course make several and give them different hair styles. I started with an older man who is mostly bald except for a little hair on the sides of the head! Tomorrow I will finish him up with some eyes and a mouth. And then continue with more puppets. May be I’ll do a girl with long hair, an old woman. I have some curly blue yarn as well that I want to use somehow.

I don’t have a pattern for this, so I just figure it out as I crochet. 

Sorting the paper cranes according to color was easy. 🙂 I counted 12 shades in total: green, mint, blue, light blue, pink, light pink, red, light red, yellow, light yellow, orange, light orange. And I have beads for the ends of the strings. So now, may be tomorrow, I will try to make the strings. 

I just watched another episode of Efterlyst on Swedish TV 3. It’s one of my favorite shows. The Swedish people call in to the program and help the police find criminals! A very important show! I am sure a few bad guys will get caught soon thanks to the tips that the people give.

I just looked at the top right side of the computer and noticed the day, Wednesday! How can it already be Thursday in less than an hour? It feels like the Formula 1 Grand Prix in India was like yesterday! This week went by so fast I didn’t notice. And the next Grand Prix, in Abu Dhabi, is on Sunday! Looking forward to that, although there is no excitement anymore now that Vettel secured the championship. Who can stop Vettel winning all the remaining Grand Prix? I don’t think no one can. 

I hope that team Lotus learned something from the Indian Grand Prix. The argument with Kimi was just stupid. How can they yell at him like that? Lotus lost lots of fans on their Facebook page after the race. I am not a Lotus fan, have never been. I am a Kimi fan, whatever team he is driving in. Next year I will hope Ferrari has a good year. 

It’s late. Time to sleep.


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