Gingerbreads! :)

Gingerbreads! :)

Whoa, this was a long day… Alec left at 4.20 pm. That’s at least two hours later than I thought he would go home.

I had barely time to vacuum clean the house and wash the dishes. At 5.20 pm my niece Wilma came. Wilma is my sister’s daughter, 8 years old.

I had invited her to come on day this week. She has autumn holiday from school Thursday to Monday, as all the other kids. Well, she wanted to bake gingerbreads! I knew she would want that, so I got some dough and some icing from the grocery store yesterday. It took us barely an hour to bake them all. I didn’t count them this time. But I used the same amount of dough as the previous time (when I posted a picture of gingerbreads in a glass jar). Don’t remember how many it was that time, may be around 100.

So we baked them and waited for them to cool. While we waited for that we cleared all the stuff away from my overly messy desk… I got rid of the dust and dirt and I put much less stuff back on the desk. 😉 We threw quite a lot away and some things we put in other drawers or in the closet.

We took a break from the desk cleaning, went back to the kitchen and iced some gingerbreads. I had bought two tubes of icing from the store, so we could ice them at the same time. And it was much easier than making the icing from scratch.

I would guess we iced a total of 25 ginger breads, something like that. Then the icing had to dry at least 10 minutes, so we took out the garbage and cleaned the desk a bit more.

My sister came around 8.15 pm to pick Wilma up. I gave her all the gingerbreads that she iced, plus most of the other gingerbreads and also the tube of icing that she had used. So at home she can ice some more gingerbreads if she likes and I am sure at least one of her brothers will want to ice some too.

The snow turned into rain and then back into snow later during the evening. It’s very wet and feels cold. When we took the garbage out we noticed that the cars do have snow on them and there is a little snow on the grass. But most of what comes down melt.

Wilma liked watching Google images of 1000 paper cranes. I showed her some images of what other people have done with their cranes. She seemed very interested. At the moment I have 531 paper cranes. I am not going to make any more tonight though.

Today is Kimi Räikkönen’s birthday!! 😀 Hope he has a wonderful day, where ever he is in the world. May be he is in Finland celebrating with his mum and brother. Who knows? It’s his 34th birthday. 🙂

I am tired now. It’s close to 9 pm. I still have a few items on my bed and I’ll put them away. Then I’ll watch an episode of Numb3rs on DVD before I go to bed. And I have been sneezing X times tonight. X meaning I lost count on the number of times I sneezed.

But I don’t think I will take any medication yet. I’ll wait until tomorrow and see how it is then. And my sneezing has nothing to do with dusty desks… I was sneezing well before we started cleaning it…

Okay, enough for today. I’ll watch Numb3rs now.


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