Paper cranes

Finally I am done with all dishes. 🙂 My finger tips are like raisins. 😉

I have now a total of 500 paper cranes! Halfway! 😀 I guess I’ll make a few more while watching Swedish Hollywood wives later tonight.

I invited my niece to come for a visit some day this week. We shall see when she is coming. She has autumn holiday from school on Thursday and Friday, but then she had some plans for the early afternoon. 

It’s very dark outside… It will be lighter when the snow comes. 

It’s very dark in the bathroom too. 😦 The fluorescent lamp tube no longer works. I have to have a flashlight on the sink when I’m in there. But I can’t buy a new one, because there are so many different kinds in the stores around town. And even if I found the right one, I would not be able to change them. 

Soon 8 pm. The Hollywood wives come at 10 pm. So still a couple of hours to wait. 

On my birthday (September 25) grand mum gave me a bouquet of small pink carnations. They have long been very beautiful and it wasn’t until today, three weeks later, that I had to throw them away. 


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