I finished the school work today. 🙂 Which was lucky, because I noticed today was the deadline… I knew it was October 14, but for some reason I thought October 14 was tomorrow. I struggled a bit with the program we had to use, but I got it in the end.

And I did get the package in the mail!! 😀 It came in a cardboard box, which the cat of course loved! He has enjoyed sleeping in the box which I have put on the floor. But it’s a pretty tight squeeze! 😀 He fills up the entire box!

Mostly I ordered different kinds of papers in different colors. I also ordered some googly eyes for my amigurumis and mum’s crafty projects with her kids, that she looks after at work. 

I found out that the company from which I ordered, had the exact same paper that I made all those paper cranes with! I suppose I bought the first papers from that company many years ago. This new block of papers are not exactly the same shades of colors as the previous ones. But that is okay. I still have a lot of colors on the cranes.

I counted all my paper cranes and came up with 490. Then I counted 510 new sheets of paper so I got up to 1000. There was 700 sheets of paper in the block, so I have a lot of spare ones. 

The strong wind has continued today. It’s also pretty cold. 

Ordered some books from the library today. They will come on Wednesday. I thought they might have come tomorrow, but apparently the main library no longer delivers books to the nearby library on Tuesday. 😦 Of course I could just have gone to the main library today or tomorrow, but it’s free to have them delivered to the nearby library. And there is no rush, as long as I get them this week. I need them for school, because we have to write a scientific article about a subject. I still have a couple of weeks to write the article, so I have plenty of time. But tomorrow I will have to start looking for some information on the Internet and start researching a little. 

I should do the dishes before I go the bed. But I don’t really feel like doing it… Maybe I can wait until tomorrow morning. The plates and glasses don’t have legs, so they can’t run away during the night. 😉


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