A bit tired

I got home around 2.30 am (had to take the night bus because we were so long in school in the afternoon). Woke up just a little after 8 am. Of course I slept a little in the bus too, but it’s no deep sleep when you keep waking up after a few minutes. But I took a nap between 2 and 3 pm, so now it’s better. I’ll go pretty early to bed tonight.

The F1 GP started at 9 am. Once again Kimi makes things harder for himself by not doing so well in the qualifying. But once again he did a fantastic race! P2! 😀 I would not be surprised if Vettel won all the remaining races…

The Japanese GP is in just a week, next Sunday. Another weekend with early mornings, but at least I am home then and can watch all the practice sessions, the qualifying and the race.

Pretty cloudy but no rain so far. It rained quite a lot during the night when I sat in the bus. But when I came to the bus/train station it had stopped raining, so I was lucky. I didn’t take any umbrella or rain coat to Turku.

I had taken with me a cross stitching kit. Because I wanted to cross stitch in the bus and in the guest house room in the evening. But, in the bus, I made six stitches and the needle broke! 😦 So that was the end of that… I looked in a couple of shops but could not find any sewing needles anywhere. The needle didn’t snap in half, it broke at the end where the eye of the needle is, so that the thread kept slipping off the needle all the time.

When I got home I found a package on my bed, from the embroidery club. Three Christmas cards waiting to be cross stitched!! 😀 I already started on the first one.

Should start thinking about eating something. Or may be I’ll wait until mum and Alec come home from the grocery store. But they were planning on going to the playground too, so may be I’ll just make something myself and let them eat whatever they want.


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